A Conversation With Silvia Hengstenberg

Three years ago and pre-Covid, restoration plans were presented for Casa de Mareas, a 16th-century mansion in Cantabria, Spain. “This is the house of the future, not just of the things we need right now,” investors told Silvia Hengstenberg, owner of the avant-garde home. 

Silvia hunts for homes with character, then remodels and incorporates them with the proven methods of neuroarchitecture (the study of how the body and brain respond to the built environment). One consideration for a strong piece of neuroarchitecture is art, as the presence of it is believed to affect how we act and think.

Enter Casa de Mareas, with its permanent art collection, an evolution of ArtUReady, a platform that Silvia founded in 2016 that has drawn numerous known and emerging creators to contribute society-enriching works.

We connected with Silvia to find out more about Casa de Mareas, its impressive collection that includes an artist named Leonardo who was creating Basquiat-like works by the age of five, and how a home can improve our health.

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