The Sibarist: Casas que cuidan de ti. El Wellness en el Real State

Interior Design & Home Staging

"What is design? A plan to position elements in the best way and thus achieve a particular purpose ". Charles Eames

We transform spaces into unique homes. Our objective is to get the best from a house whether it is for sale or to rent.
We study each case and offer tailor-made solutions to owners, from Home Staging (a way of making a blank canvas home), to integral interior design projects.

We value a space by designing another way of living and another way of presenting a house, harmonizing them both together.

Our philosophy
We understand a house as the extension of oneself: it is our mirror, our reflection, our way of being in the world. It is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves and what we convey to others. In the same way that we show our better side when we want to make a good impression, our house will achieve the same result if we get the maximum brightness. If beauty makes us vibrate, living in a harmonious space contributes to improving our lives: how we think, how we feel, how we treat and care, and how we receive the ones we love most.
A home is our vital living space where we recharge our batteries, we relax, with which we maintain a continuous dialogue. We see a house like a creative being that relates and evolves with us. The home like an "everything" of perfect and harmonic proportion.
We give each house entity and life, with all of the elements we need to make us feel good, appealing to our five senses.

If we want to make the property profitable, it is important to make sure this method is completed to the highest level to achieve maximum uniqueness and comfort.
If we want to sell a house it is vitally important that we become an object of desire.

Houses with character and personality, with their extroverted and introverted areas, designed with sensitivity and respect.

We integrate unique pieces, works of art, craftsmen, and tailoring furniture. Looking to connect with nature, we use natural objects and materials. We are committed to a more ecological and sustainable concept, recovering antiques that also add character to these spaces.

The result is a house that shines, inspires stories and is easy to fall in love with.

Our renovation team is the result of the fusion of interior design by The Sibarist with M-ARTE, an innovative project that seeks harmonization as a whole and color in the living space that makes up a home. Always with the same goal: to give you the best that a house can offer you.


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