Art U Ready: Arte contemporáneo con un compromiso social en The Sibarist

Because we trust in the ability of art to transform the world

Our commitments to art are:

-        Introduce it into every space we design, promoting new artists.
-        Share it and the experience of enjoying it with the public, through our art galleries and events.
-        Art as a vehicle of giving. Support periferal voices in the art world. Backing of the DEBAJO DEL SOMBRERO association, for artists with learning difficulties.


Design, architecture and art. Third edition 2018: Emotion and Impact. We begin in february.
Visibility platform for artists with transversal and circumferential views. A hub that connects artists, collectors, and curious members of the public with one objective: to form a line of thinking between design, architecture and art.
We also open unique spaces typically not accessible to the public in the centre of Madrid to present contemporary artists of different disciplines.
Round tables, exhibitions, performances, and a charity auction benefitting the DEBAJO DEL SOMBRERO association.
Architects, interior designers, designers and artists who are ahead of their time.
Performance, paintings, sculpture, installation, music and dance…disciplines carried out in a hybrid and permeable way with dialogue between creation, collectionism and the public.
We can be found on Calles San Lorenzo, San Mateo and other neighbouring streets in the Justicia area, and in 2018 we expand into other central Madrid areas. This way, we change our collections seasonally, carrying out different projects throughout the year. 

If you missed any of our exhibitions, you can see them online in our Blog. Any works of art in this section can be acquired and made part of your life. Get in touch for a private appointment.